Partner Colleges

The METTE project represents an active collaboration between researchers based at the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and academic leaders and instructors in four of Wisconsin’s technical colleges.

College Websites and Co-Principal Investigators

Wisconsin Map Fox Valley Technical CollegeFox Valley Technical College
Patti Frohrib, Ph.D.
Director-College Effectiveness
Phone: (920) 735-5611

MATCMilwaukee Area Technical College
Yan Wang, Ph.D.
Manager, Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Planning
Phone: (262) 335-5725

MATCMoraine Park Technical College
Marcia Arndt
Dean, Manufacturing Technology
Phone: (262) 335-5725

Waukesha County Technical CollegeWaukesha County Technical College
Margaret Ellibee, Ph.D.
Vice President for Strategic Effectiveness and Advancement
Phone: (262) 691-5207

Wisconsin Technical College SystemWisconsin Technical College System
The four partner colleges are part of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), a system of 16 two-year, public postsecondary institutions that provide hands-on learning for specific, high-skilled occupations in demand in communities across Wisconsin.
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METTE Programs at the Partner Colleges
As with all of Wisconsin’s technical college postsecondary programs, WTCS associate degree and diploma programs for manufacturing engineering technologist and technicians are designed to prepare students for occupations in demand in local, regional, and statewide labor markets. The specific mix of programs offered differs by college and changes annually to reflect the changing needs of employers. The four colleges participating in the METTE project offer 35 of Wisconsin’s METTE 54 degree and technical diploma programs. Annually, METTE programs at these four colleges serve more than 3,000 students or about 40% of METTE program enrollees in Wisconsin’s technical colleges.

View a list of METTE programs currently offered by the WTCS and at the four partner colleges.

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